About Game For Edu

We strive to teach concepts and inspire curiosity in science
through game play!

Game For Edu aims to develop premier science-education iOS/Android games in which game play and mechanics are essentially based on scientific principles. As children play these games, they will learn these concepts, instead of relying on rote memorization and regurgitation. Game For Edu will develop games for children ages 6 through 14, with topics in Physics, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science and Biology in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Why Game For Edu?

There’s a big problem with many game titles that claim to be educational.

A majority of current educational games rely instead on conventional repetition exercises that reward memorization, not learning. As a matter of fact, they are some form of flashcard, a way to enforce rote repetition and memory with some veneer of interactivity and multimedia layered on top.

We want to change that.